Doulton Event

Royal Doulton Ambassador, Michael Doulton

Meet Michael Doulton in person! During our event, Michael Doulton will be on hand to meet collectors and sign ALL of their Royal Doulton pieces. Mr. Doulton is the sixth generation descendant of John Doulton, the founder of the Royal Doulton Company. Educated in England and France, he has served as the Royal Doulton Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson since 1980—appearing on television shows and meeting thousands of collectors face-to-face at galleries around the world.

With 30 years of experience as the ambassador to the brand, Mr. Doulton's knowledge of the company and its products is what draws Royal Doulton collectors to any signing event. His vast knowledge enables him to enlighten collectors seeking information about new and discontinued pieces. In addition, these face-to-face meetings allow collectors the opportunity to share their unique experiences and stories, as well as have their prized collectibles personally autographed.

When asked about his role with Royal Doulton, he responded, "As the brand's ambassador, I have the distinct pleasure of meeting thousands of loyal collectors. Wherever I go, it's rewarding to see firsthand how the company started by my great, great, great grandfather continues to bring joy
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